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Hi, I'm Nathalie, CNP, NNCP
The Holistic Nutritionist for Energy

Get Energized and Feel Wildly Motivated

If you've been craving energy, if you've been frustratingly dreaming about being motivated, and if you wouldn't turn your cheek to losing a pound or two along the way, you're in the right place. Welcome to Glow Nutritional Consulting.

Why am I SO passionate about food, nutrition and supplements?

Because apart from just feeling shitty when you don't eat right, here are just SOME of the symptoms caused by common deficiencies or imbalances in the body:

How can I help?

Here are a few of my favourite programs and custom services that help women feel amazing:

"Working with Nathalie has made such a difference in my life. I came to her for digestive, hormonal and weight issues but I was worried that I'd have to give up too much of the food that I loved, and that it would be too hard. She gave me the tools to succeed, the biggest of those being the confidence that I could change. So far, I'm down 35 pounds, my digestive issues have disappeared and my hormones are balancing out. I'm back in control of my body!

Sarah Calgary, Canada

"I have suffered from digestive and anxiety issues for much of my life and have seen a multitude of Doctors, specialists, naturopaths, Nutritionists - you name it - over the years in my quest for health. The majority of them wanted to put me on medications, or endless amounts of supplements which always seemed to focus on treating the symptoms rather than figuring out the cause of the problem. Not to mention being very costly.

I knew immediately after meeting with Nathalie that she was different. She looks at your whole picture of health. She listens compassionately, asks lots of questions and even after our meetings are over, she is there to answer those nagging questions that always seem to come up only after leaving your Doctor's office.

She was the first to truly help me to understand where my symptoms were stemming from and set me up with a very clear plan of action, offering consistent support the whole way through.

She is knowledgeable beyond her years and truly cares about her patients. I learn something new every time I meet with her. You will too. She is a gift. I only wish I had met her years ago!"

Melissa Toronto, Canada

"Nathalie is one of the rare awesome and excellent Nutritionists who makes a difference in the lives of everyone with whom she works... I sought Nathalie's help with addressing my toddler son's eczema. Nathalie was very dedicated to addressing the cause of this eczema and continuing to work with us until we saw complete improvement. She quickly assessed where we were with his situation and the context of my existing knowledge and attitude toward health, and from there immediately knew how to communicate with such effectiveness with me that I was quite amazed at how much great stuff was packed into just a few chat sessions (we don't live in the same area, so my sessions with Nathalie were all via Google Chat).

Victoria Wilmette, USA

"I am so grateful that I found Nathalie and Glow Nutritional Consulting. I had already spoken with a Nutritionist who really didn't know or understand anything about a breastfeeding Mama. I was distraught because I wasn't sure what allergies my daughter had, they seemed like a lot and I didn't know how to narrow them down.

The results have been great. I have found the foods that I need to leave, reintroduced the foods that don't seem to bother her, and gotten my gut working as well. I feel so much better because I'm getting the right combination of foods into my system. I highly recommend Nathalie! She worked with my crazy schedule, was understanding of my screaming baby (while we were talking, of course) and gave me a pretty simple, informative plan that worked and was easy to implement."

Wendi South Carolina, USA

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