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"Working with Nathalie has made such a difference in my life... She gave me the tools to succeed, the biggest of those being the confidence that I could change. So far, I'm down 35 pounds, my digestive issues have disappeared and my hormones are balancing out. I'm back in control of my body!"


"I've already noticed the difference and it's only been a few days!"


"I would recommend her absolutely and without any reservations! Nathalie is one of the rare awesome and excellent Nutritionists who makes a difference in the lives of everyone with whom she works."


"And now in my second pregnancy, she has again come to my rescue: helping me to overcome severe nausea without the use of medication."


"I am so grateful that I found Nathalie and Glow Nutritional Consulting. I had already spoken with a Nutritionist who really didn't know or understand anything about a breastfeeding Mama. The results have been great."


"Reluctant to go on synthetic thyroid medication for the rest of my life, I turned to you. And my latest blood work produced an ideal result."


"Jack has been asleep before your meditation is even over, 2 hours before he normally goes to sleep. I cannot express my gratitude enough."