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Hi I'm Nathalie 2

Welcome to Glow! I help women lose weight without restriction, gain energy without relying on caffeine’s energy-crash cycles and I help women heal their bodies so they feel really good again every single day, and start going after the things in their hearts with energy, confidence and fun.


I went from exhausted all the time and drinking espresso’s like water everyday to running my first marathon, feeling proud of myself intensely for the very first time, and realizing I really could do anything. I know you can, too.


A few fun facts: I’m a Holistic Nutritionist. I’m into high intensity workouts. My healing plans are FEISTY so my clients get results and are motivated by those results FAST so they keep going. I’m vegan. If I see a cute animal in the wild I have to chase it. Weight fell off me when I went vegetarian, again when I went vegan, and never when I skipped meals in an effort to TRY and lose weight.


I bring all of that energy, enthusiasm, fun and personal empathy (knowing what the journey takes) into my client sessions, programs and workshops.


So far, I’m down 35 lbs, my digestive issues have disappeared and my hormones are balancing out. I’m back in control of my body!


Then join me for a complimentary one on one session so we can get to know each other, and see if us working together will spark a fire in your life so intense that your health over-turns itself, your weight shifts dramatically and your energy levels stay consistently high all day long.

Click this pink link, answer a few easy questions about you and book your complimentary space with me in under 10 minutes now.

The Glow Blog

Special help for weight loss, hormonal balance, energy-boosting and motivation. All written with love by Holistic Nutritionist Nathalie Norris.
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Yes, you CAN nail your health.

You can get to the health you want. And you know how I know that? I know it because within...

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Motivation to Help You Workout

Heya Beautiful! I hope you’re having the best day. I know it can be hard to make workouts a priority...

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Weight Loss by Numbers

Heya Beautiful, There’s a fabulous rule called the 80/20 rule. Officially it’s called the Pareto Principle. You may have heard...

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“I’m 18 days away from my wedding. What can I do to look my best?”

Hey Beautiful! I responded to an awesome question on Facebook and I wanted to share my answer on my blog,...

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Care for THESE and radiate health, passion and energy.

I shared my history with depression yesterday in my private Facebook Group. And as I wrote it out, sharing the...

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Pregnant or Breastfeeding and NEED Energy?

Heya, Hot Stuff! Here’s a workshop I did live a while ago, all about how to increase your energy levels...

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From Chaos to Appreciation (Free Downloadable Meditation with Love)

Heya Beautiful, I guided myself through a meditation this am and felt happy to record it and share it with...

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