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I help women lose weight and feel energized so they adore their lives again.

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Healthy Hair

Natural Tips for Healthy Hair

Welcome, beautiful! Has your hair been falling out post-partum or unrelated to babies? Does it have a lot of split...

Lose Weight by Setting Up MyFitnessPal Like This

Lose Weight by Setting Up MyFitnessPal Like THIS

Welcome, Beautiful! Are you looking to lose weight with MyFitnessPal? I can’t wait to help you. Thanks for popping by...

feel better

4 Ways to Feel Better and Recharge Again

Welcome, beautiful! Today I hope to make you feel better by giving you some of my best tips for recharging....

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Yes, you CAN nail your health.

You can get to the health you want. And you know how I know that? I know it because within...

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Motivation to Help You Workout

Heya Beautiful! I hope you’re having the best day. I know it can be hard to make workouts a priority...

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Weight Loss by Numbers

Heya Beautiful, There’s a fabulous rule called the 80/20 rule. Officially it’s called the Pareto Principle. You may have heard...

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“I’m 18 days away from my wedding. What can I do to look my best?”

Hey Beautiful! I responded to an awesome question on Facebook and I wanted to share my answer on my blog,...

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