"I Deserve Sleep"


"Jack has been asleep before the meditation is even over 2 hours before he normally goes to sleep. I cannot express my gratitude enough."

-Abby, The Badass Breastfeeder

Imagine getting an extra two hours of baby sleep in your day...

Would you feel more peaceful?

Would you take some of that time for you?

Would you steal some of that time for extra sleep for your body and mind?

Welcome and thank you for being here.

I'm Nathalie and I'm a Holistic Nutritionist. I blend how the body works with relaxing visuals in this guided meditation to help well-deserving Mothers get sweet, sweet rest.

Why is this guided meditation perfect for helping your baby sleep?

This meditation is perfect for helping your baby sleep because it guides you into a calm state. Whether your baby picks up on that emotionally, or physically through your breastmilk, when you reduce stress in you through this meditation, you'll find your baby more relaxed, and more easily able to fall asleep.

What's the science behind this meditation?

Meditation has been shown to reduce cortisol (stress hormone) levels.

When you lower your stress hormones, less stress hormones are passed to baby through your breastmilk (study).

Stress hormones interrupt sleep (study).

So, by helping to reduce your stress levels through this guided relaxing meditation, you could reduce the amount of stress hormones in your breastmilk. By reducing stress hormones in your breastmilk, your baby could sleep more peacefully, for longer and/or fall asleep earlier. Pretty amazing, right?

"Yesterday afternoon as we were driving home from school I connected my phone to the car sound system to play a few songs, and the breastfeeding meditation came on (which was apparently still in my music player on the phone), and both Josh and I had such a happy moment of nostalgia. : ) We had used it for such a long time when he was still nursing, that we both remember every word and sound of your voice so viscerally (hopefully that's not creepy), in an amazingly soothing and peaceful way.  Josh actually insisted we listen to it a bunch more times yesterday. : )  Such a nice memory, and a wonderfully effective tool!  So thanks for that gift that kept on giving."

-Past "I Deserve Sleep" Meditation User


What will I get when I purchase this guided meditation?

You'll receive a beautiful, melting, relaxing MP3 file sent straight to your email after purchase.

This meditation was guided with full intention to help you relax, and pass sleepy hormones to your little one (naturally and safely) through breastmilk.

It was edited to ensure any bumps, loud noises or distracting sounds were taken out of the original recording, to set your body and mind at ease.

And it was set to the most beautiful, relaxing music that's safe to use whether you listen to this meditation with headphones on, or through the speaker on your phone.

While I love binaural beats and isochronic tones for my own personal meditation practices, I wanted to ensure the music track for this meditation was free of both, so that it was super-safe and wildly effective to use in any way that you could fit it into your day.

I have seen amazing women bring up children, and in some moments, from clients or friends, I heard the same discontent with their baby sleep habits.

I wanted to make this meditation because I truly believe that if you can get a moment of pure, lovely, flowing, gorgeous peace in your day, your life can improve dramatically.

And if children grow up surrounded by that peace, I fully believe the world will glow in health and happiness.

Whether you buy this meditation or not, I wish you the most beautiful peace and sound sleeps ahead.

And if you do, thank you for supporting the global work I do here at Glow Nutritional Consulting. Because when you're healthy, you Glow. And when you glow, you improve the lives of everyone around you, too.

Love and flowy meditation vibes,

Holistic Nutritionist

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