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"Nathalie is one of the rare awesome and excellent Nutritionists who makes a difference in the lives of everyone with whom she works."
-Happy Client Victoria (from Wilmette, USA)

"The live calls will inspire your heart, and get you moving in the direction of your most fantastic, feel-amazing health. You can really do it."
-Nathalie, Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Founder of The Glow Membership

The Glow Membership helps you achieve the best health of your life.

You get a live call each month with Nathalie for every question, concern, myth about health, and motivation.

And you get access to an online video library that shows you how to lose weight, gain energy, and balance your hormones for optimal health.

Everything you need to feel fantastic is inside The Glow Membership.

I'll show you:

If you're not in love with The Glow Membership, cancel in the first 30 days of your membership and you'll never be charged.

On day 31, if you haven't cancelled, you'll be charged $49/month for as long as you desire to stay a member.

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"I understand how the body works, and how to use food and nutrients to make changes to how it's working, for your goals. I believe that every illness can be healed by nutrition and self-growth and I haven't yet been proven wrong by any client following one of my plans for them. I've helped with morning sickness, hypothyroidism, childhood eczema, insomnia, anxiety, depression, low energy, chronic fatigue, weight loss, severe digestive issues, swelling and painful rashes in pregnancy, hair loss and more. I'm giving you a free trial because I believe in The Glow Membership and I know it can be hard to believe something cookie-cutter can actually work for you. But that's the secret: The Glow Membership is not a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all program. It's always evolving, with a personalized approach each month, because there is not a one-size-fits-all in health. You need really fabulous professional support that's inspiring, knows what she's talking about, and is outrageously driven to support you in reaching your goals. The Glow Membership gives you all of that and more."
-Nathalie, Holistic Nutritionist and Founder of The Glow Membership


"My sleep is better, my energy levels are better. It's amazing."
-Past Glow Member


"A dedicated Holistic Nutritionist who tailors her recommendations specific to you and WANTS you to reach your dream goals!"
-Past Glow Member


"I enjoyed learning from you on the call. You are extremely knowledgeable!"
-Current Glow Member


"I love the weight loss course [inside The Glow Membership] the most so far."
-Current Glow Member